First Post!

Hello world,

This is the first post of my blog, so hopefully the start of something great!

My intention is for this to be primarily a blog about the mathematics I’ve been thinking about. I want to use this space to capture those moments when I finally understand some concept I’ve been wrestling with, to share the perspectives I learn, and to practice exposition.

I don’t expect the mathematics here to always be the most polished, but I do intend to try my best to convey IDEAS. Additionally, I am by no means an expert on the topics I’ll be writing about, and much of what I write I will have only recently learned. I think there is something to be said, though, about capturing how I think about mathematics as I learn it. The way theory is organized in the mind of a seasoned mathematician is necessarily different from that of one wrestling with concepts for the first time. And I believe there is pedagogical benefit to reading both accounts.




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